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    I have not, but I will.  Thanks for the tip.  I will update with results but won't likely have any news until next month.

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    Take note of the Scope parameter when you use the cmdlet.

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    It looks like the VM is not found.

    Does the following return anything?



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    I'm glad you said "Autofit Guest" ... and talked about Hardware Compatibility. It made me look into more main settings in VMware. I found:


    Edit > Preferences > Display > [Autofit related check boxes.]


    They had been turned off / de-selected ... during upgrading from VMware 9 to VMware 12 ... and back to VMware 9 two times.


    I went crazy over VMware tools vs openvm-tools-desktop ... None of that mattered. I am back on the include VMware Tools and with the check boxes re-selected it's back to doing the automatic resizing. That's all there was to it.

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    I have the exact same issue. I have 3 node cluster. I have disabled HA, rebooted the host, enabled HA but the warning still shows up. The warning does not come up while accessing the host directly. Has some one been able to fix this.

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    Merhaba bir arkadaşımın isteği ve ısrarı üzerine bu videoyu hazırlamıştım. Sanırım işinizi çözer.

    ESXI Server Uzerinde Centos 6.6 Install + Cpanel Install + Centos Web Panel Install - YouTube

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    Normally that would be ports 80 or 443, depending on the Protocol parameter (default https) you use on the Connect-VIServer cmdlet.

    You can override the default protocol ports with the Port parameter.


    See also Back to Basics: Connecting to vCenter or a vSphere Host

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    Hi Hristo


    Thanks for your useful information


    >Would you please tell me more about the ecosystem updates that have been blocked: what does the ecosystem look like, what are the blocked updates, and what is blocking them?

    It was my intention to write it with a little bit of drama in order to get a response

    The Blockers for a Vsphere 6.5 Update are

    1) Vcloud Director not yet compatible to 6.5

    2) Usage Meter not yet compatible to 6.5

    3) NSX compatiblity for 6.5 (has just changed in the last weeks with 6.3 release i think) - so this is not relevant anymore

    4) Netapp VSC not yet compatible to 6.5

    Regarding 4): That's not Vmwares issue

    Regarding 1) - 3): It's for my environment ok when these components are not yet/immediatly supported when a new Major VSphere Version comes out - since i dont want to be early adopter of new Major Vsphere Version anyway - i usually wait a few months.

    But my point is: what i would like to have as a customer in future are more transparent  (or lets say better openly communicated by Vmware) informations about release dates of the above components (VCD;Usage Meter) which are not in line regarding publishing cycles with the core components like Vsphere VCenter versions. Usually this is only an issue with the release of major releases.

    Best Regards

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    Recently  I meet a strange thing in my vmware enviroment.

    My vcenter is upgarde from 5.5 to 6.0 in windows. All the vmware service are running.

    Last time I cannot search the inventoy object whether from vsphere client or vsphere web client, so I restart my vcenter server after some tries.

    Then the search worked. but the strange thing comes.

    I found that the VMs ,created before I restart the vCenter, can be searched but the new VMs ,which created after I restart the vCenter, cannot be searched, It displays no result.

    After I restart the inventory service, then they can be searched, and the newer VMs cannot be searched.


    It seems that the inventory cannot pull data from vcenter database except the inventory service restart. But I found most of the KBs are for the inventory service cannot be started, but my invemotry service is started.



    Does anyone have any advice?

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    Hi LucD,


    thanks VM name was wrong... now its working.


    Invoke-VMScript -VM ashok-2012 -ScriptText "dir" -GuestUser administrator -GuestPassword M@cr5sofT


    output is not correct.


    I want to see folders on c drive then what will be the command ?


    Please help




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    What is wrong with the output?

    Could you show in a screenshot?

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    The output seems to indicate that datastore 'FN_OS'  is not found.

    Are you still using the original script from earlier in this thread?

    Or can you attach the newer version?

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    Hi have you configured VMkernal as normal or with an IP stack?

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    its showing only .exe's and .dll files not showing any folders on c drive


    |  -a---         8/22/2013   6:55 PM      33064 winnsi.dll

    |  -a---         8/22/2013   4:33 PM     110080 WinOpcIrmProtector.dll

    |  -a---         3/22/2014  12:19 AM    1487520 winresume.efi

    |  -a---         3/22/2014  12:19 AM    1356360 winresume.exe

    |  -a---         6/18/2013   8:39 PM         35 winrm.cmd

    |  -a---         6/18/2013   8:39 PM     204105 winrm.vbs

    |  -a---         8/22/2013   5:04 PM      30208 winrnr.dll

    |  -a---         8/22/2013   3:04 PM      47616 winrs.exe

    |  -a---         8/22/2013   3:03 PM     105984 winrscmd.dll

    |  -a---         8/22/2013   3:16 PM      26624 winrshost.exe

    |  -a---         8/22/2013   5:15 PM       1536 winrsmgr.dll

    |  -a---         8/22/2013   3:33 PM      13824 winrssrv.dll

    |  -a---         3/22/2014  12:19 AM     240128 WinSCard.dll

    |  -a---         3/22/2014  12:19 AM     316416 winsku.dll

    |  -a---         8/22/2013   4:23 PM      85504 winsockhc.dll

    |  -a---         3/22/2014  12:19 AM     488960 winspool.drv

    |  -a---         8/22/2013   5:02 PM      25088 WINSRPC.DLL

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  • 02/16/17--23:04: assign license to single cpu
  • Can I assign VMware Enterprise license to only 1 of 2 CPU (socket) for a ESXi host ? I have 2 server with 2 cpu each one and 2 vmware license.

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    I set the WebOperationTimeoutSeconds to -1 (so it would be an infinite timeout) and it broke Get-TagAssigment.  I returned it to the default value of 300 and Get-TagAssignment works again.  I'll do more testing with just larger timeouts rather than infinite.  Scope was set to AllUsers as the script will be ran by multiple users on the system.

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  • 02/16/17--23:06: Re: VSAN Streched. - VMs ?
  • you would require Network Layer 2 extension technology such as OTV in Site B. so that your VM can work with out any issue

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